About Us

Cultivating Kids is a licensed infant and toddler child care center located in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA.

We can accommodate up to 35 children ages 3mos.-5yrs, separated in designated areas by age.  We offer a low approximately 3:1 or 4:1 (depending on age) ratio for the benefit of children in our care.  A physical examination and current immunizations are required before and throughout enrollment.

Philosophy & Purpose

We at Cultivating Kids believe that children learn from their interactions with others and the environment around them. We believe in providing a positive environment that will allow children the freedom to explore while playing.  When learning is made fun, children are eager to learn.  

We value a child’s right to make choices. We believe that when a child’s ability and uniqueness is acknowledged they become encouraged to learn more. We believe that positive self-esteem opens the door for an unlimited amount of learning in children.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows each child to develop his or her own personality. We are here to cultivate each child’s unique abilities and to support them as they learn to navigate the world around them.


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​Infant/Toddler License​ #: 013420541
Preschool License #: 013421407